Dark theme for usegalaxy.org website and interactrive jupyter notebook tool

I am partially color blind and slightly visually impaired. I’ve triewd to see if I can switch the usegalaxy.org to a dark theme using safari or firefox, but I am unable to do so. Is there a way to do so?

Also when I start up the interactive upyter notebook tool, I am unable to change the theme for the notebook to a dark theme even after reloading the notebook. Is there a way to do so? I noticed that the termianl window has a black background after setting the terminal theme, but not the notebook.

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Hello @namra

Full integration for this type of functionality is a longer term goal for us.

There will be some new additions around themes in the upcoming release. The beta is live on usegalaxy.org for testing as of yesterday, and will deploy out to the other public usegalaxy.* servers within the next few weeks.

We appreciate the feedback. Let’s leave this topic open for general discussion around this. Maybe try again now to see how the recent updates differ and what you think is still needed? The release notes will highlight the new functionality with details – it isn’t posted yet but will be soon, find it here within a week or so Releases — Galaxy Project 23.0.dev0 documentation.