Data upload limit on local Galaxy instance


I am maintaining a local Galaxy instance for my lab group at the Rockefeller University.

There seems to be a size limit when uploading data via the ‘Upload File’ method on a local Galaxy instance. It fails to upload a 90 Mb data file. Is it possible to increase the data upload size limit on a local instance? Thank you for your time and help.

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Hi @Thahmina

Few questions to start troubleshooting, then we can follow-up more.

  1. Does an even smaller file load using “Choose local file”?
    • Try a simple 2-3 line text file
    • The graphic doesn’t show if the data is “tar” compressed or not – could be “tab”. If “tar”, try unpacking the archive first, then loading file(s). Why does this matter? Only the first file in a tar archive loads (always) and some archive compressions are problematic.
  2. Does data load with the “Paste/Fetch data” function? Try both ways:
    • directly pasting in a few lines of text
    • pasting in a publically accessible URL (maybe 2 - one small, one larger)
  3. What version of Galaxy are you running? When was it last updated?
  4. Anything special about the configuration? It sounds like a multi-user web-hosted server but even that includes choices, so please clarify. Examples: Did you upgrade to PostgreSQL? What HTTP server are you using? Is the server new? Has any job processed successfully before (upload is a type of “job”)?

Admin Docs for reference: