Difference between usegalaxy.org and usegalaxy.eu?

What is the difference between the main galaxy server and galaxy europe server? Are all the tools available on both servers the same? I want to know if the results from the both servers for the same data analysis will be the same? Or will they give different outputs?

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Hi @bee,

There are different public Galaxy servers worldwide (usegalaxy.*), the main one is in the US (.org), the European one is .eu and there’s another one in Australia (.org.au).

The number of tools installed in each one can differ, but the most popular ones can be found in all of them. For instance, the European server offers a broad scope of tools, including climate, ecology, etc. We are working currently to sync all the tools across the different servers. Either way, the same tool and the same version with the same input will give you the same results in any server.


Thank you @gallardoalba, that clears up my doubt.

Although, I must say that I’m getting different outputs with the same input using the exact same tool of different versions.
I have used Trimmomatic version 0.36.5 on usegalaxy.eu and Trimmomatic version 0.38.0 on usegalaxy.org. I used the same data as inputs. Only difference was the tool versions. And the output I got after trimming from both versions showed different results.

The number of transcripts decreased drastically after trimming with Trimmomatic version 0.38.0 on usegalaxy.org. But the number of transcripts are the same as before trimming with Trimmomatic version 0.36.5 on usegalaxy.eu.

Can anyone please help me understand why I’m getting such different outputs?

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@gallardoalba Both servers have version 0.36.5 for a direct comparison. Make sure the options are set the same.

Navigate tool versions at the top of each tool form using the “Versions” menu.

For a short time period, usegalaxy.org is running a different version of Galaxy itself than usegalaxy.eu (and other public Galaxy servers). Why? The pre-release version of Galaxy 20.09 is staged at usegalaxy.org for final testing. Once published, the other servers will update. The updated version of Trimmomatic may require the Galaxy update – I’m not sure – but if that is the reason why usegalaxy.eu doesn’t have it yet, the tool will upgrade when the server itself upgrades.

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