Disk quota question


The red bar on the top right panel says I exceeded my disk quota, thus I permanently deleted most of my old files. However, it still has no effect on the quota usage even after I refreshed it on the storage dashboard. What should I do?


Let’s keep following up in the orignal thread please, problems to delete discarded Items at https://usegalaxy.eu/storage/management - #2 by jennaj

Oh, opps, that was another person with the same issue. But you can check the same places, then follow up in your own thread here, or in the other as a consolidation since both were happening at the same server. Maybe there is some admin issue but we need a concrete example first please. Or, the problem is just about not sure about where to check or not using the refresh button yet.

One alternative/addition is to write into the dedicated chat for the EU server. The link is at the bottom of the homepage. Keep in mind time zones for replies there please :slight_smile: