Disk Quota Not Refreshing

I am having an issue with my disk quota on the Main Galaxy server (250 GB). I had purged many datasets from my history (currently only have one history), but it has not updated the disk quota since yesterday. It shows that it is purged when I try to view the dataset…so I am not sure what else to do or how much longer it will take.

I’d appreciate any help thank you!

Hi @SehajR

I replied to your email so please review my message. That tar file in your history is part of the problem, so please try to replace it. You can write back here or via email until this is resolved.

Hi @jennaj,

I am experiencing the same issue. Thanks.

Hi @MzwaneleN – I’m sending you a direct message next. I’d like to review your account to see if I can notice any trends. There isn’t anything known to be wrong right now but we can confirm that. :slight_smile:

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