Display in UCSC is not showing in my local instance of Galaxy

I have a bedgraph file that, when uploaded to https://usegalaxy.org, shows a “display at UCSC [main]” link. That link is not present on my local galaxy instance.

Where, and how do I set that up?

Thank you

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I think your Galaxy needs to be reachable from outside for this to work. Have a look at http://dev.list.galaxyproject.org/display-at-UCSC-does-not-work-td4670008.html

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Thank you for your suggestion, but I think the problem is a little different.
In your thread, the person had the “Display at UCSC” link but could not connect, whereas in my case I don’t even have the “Display at UCSC” link.

Make sure you uncommented this line in your config: https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/blob/dev/config/galaxy.yml.sample#L643

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