Display name-tags in workflow editor


I was wondering if there is an option to display name tags in the workflow editor. This would make editing the workflow easier. As they are displayed in this tutorial Name tags for following complex histories
Image from the tutorial below -

I could not find any option to enable this.
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Hi @microfuge

The tags you see in the tutorial were added into the graphic to show where the inputs specific to the tutorial flowed through the workflow. This was manually added in as far as I know.

If the input datasets are tagged TB8_R1 and TB8_R2 , these tags will propagate to the outputs of any tools run on these datasets.

Once a workflow is run, input tags and any tool output tags add to the workflow itself will show up in the output history, and in the workflow invocation (“Details” tab).

We are working on creating another view that will look very similar (but not exact) to the workflow editing view. This will be associated with the Workflow Invocation Report – sort of an expanded history view that will include runtime details in a graphic format.

Agree – but I’m not sure where the workflow editor would source the input tags? Those are not known until the workflow has some inputs selected at runtime. If you are looking for a preview, right now that can be done by starting up a workflow run with inputs (that have tags) and reviewing the output history generated. You can quit out of those jobs if something doesn’t look right.

These are the open and closed issues related to “tags” anywhere the Galaxy application. Issues · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

You could request a feature enhancement. A sort of “preview” in the editor, that includes example selected inputs including tags (user specified), seems useful to me, too, and I don’t think it has been asked for yet. Should you decide to make a request, please link that back here :slight_smile:

Update: Decide to ask the IWC what they think. Please feel free to join the chat, too. You're invited to talk on Matrix

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Hi Jennifer (@jennaj ),

Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and the Matrix post. I will create a github issue depending on responses to the matrix post.

The workflow editor gives options to add and remove tags (on the left where one sets the parameters for the tool and the output names). These tags if available in the workflow diagram would be great. I agree that the tags set for input datasets would be available only at the runtime.

Tags are quite a nice feature of Galaxy and our local instance users find them very convenient.

Thanks Again and Regards

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