Does xlsx data uploaded can replace featureCounts and be used for DESeq2

Hi, I got a question about the dataset.
So instead of using function merge or join to merge data from replicates’ featureCounts, I downloaded all the featureCounts data and merged them on my local computer and get the data I wanted for DESeq2. The original featureCounts counts files are tabular, however, the data I uploaded is xlsx. After I uploaded the data, it says binary data. and after I clicked on it to view, the data is not in the correct format. Could anyone help on this issue and let me know if xlsx files can be used as input for DESeq2?

The photo attached is what I see when i clicked on visualize this data, however; the correct data format in xlsx looks like this:

Dear @GU111,
No. xlsx are not supported. Typical Microsoft Excel formats have to be first converted in formats that are typically used for bioinformatical tools. Please save your table as a .csv or .tsv or .txt. Then it works.

Have a good day and best wishes,