Ephemeris won't install tools: 'Timeout during install of tool_name, extending wait to 1h'

I am trying to install some tools into my local galaxy instance (v22.01) with Ephemeris. For the installation I followed the Ephemeris tutorial from the Galaxy Training Network (Galaxy Tool Management with Ephemeris).

Whenever I try to install tools from a list it keeps telling me: Timeout during install of tool_name, extending wait to 1h.

I used (a personalized version of) the following command to install the tools from a list:

shed-tools install -g https://your-galaxy -a -t workflow_tools.yml

When I look at the output of journalctl -f -u galaxy it it keeps giving the same output of uwsgi generating bytes.

I also stopped Ephemeris when it took more than an hour fornothing to happen. I then tried to manually install the tools from the admin tab in galaxy, but this also didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated!

The problem was ultimately fixed by downloading another version of the tool which was first to be installed, which was NanoPlot. The latest version of this tool was however compatible with the server (tool: >=20.01, server: 22.01).

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Hi @cbass

If you would like to create an issue ticket at the NanoPlot development repository, this is the commit to reference i.e. where the Galaxy version was newly added to the tool wrapper.