Error when installing any tool from toolshed in local instance


I recently set up a local instance (Galaxy 22.05, running with Ubuntu) on my laptop for personal use, and gave myself admin access, all using the basic instructions on the Galaxy website. In the toolshed, any time I try and add a tool, it does not work (I tried this with 5 or 6 different tools, including common ones like FastQC and HISAT2, to make sure it wasn’t something tool-specific). After clicking on the “install” button and then “Ok,” the button changes to “Cloning” for just a few seconds, before changing to “Error.” Apologies for such a basic question, but I have no background in programming or CS and so have no ability to do my own troubleshooting.

Any ideas for potential issues would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much!

You could start by checking the log files. If you start galaxy with the command sh --daemon by default it creates the log file galaxy/galaxy.log. You can maybe also find some info at galaxy/database/gravity/log.

It is not always the cause but checking conda would be a good start. Did you configured this in the config file?

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Hi @dmdolivo

Choosing a Docker Galaxy instead might be a better choice if you are not familiar with administrative tasks. Why? Much will be pre-configured and the customization help is greatly simplified and has a dedicated chat.

But, if you want to try anyway, the advice from @gbbio is where to start. The admin tutorials here are also useful – both for deciding what to do and for framing questions so others can help.

General administrative docs are also available.