Error when trying to load a workflow

We’ve had this workflow shared with customers for quite a while, recentlly we’ve heard that it’s not working. I see a non-descript error when i try to visit:


Can you help me to identiy the problem?

Hi @bwlang

The error seems to be persistent:

I’m asking internally for help reviewing more. Also ping @mvdbeek. And also cross-posted to IWC and cc’d you there → You're invited to talk on Matrix

Meanwhile, this is your workflow? Do you see any messages if you try to open it in the editor? In the past this kind of error was due to a problem with attempting to display the workflow graphic when the workflow had some metadata problem.

Hi Brad, an error on our side, we’ll get it fixed.

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@bwlang I see what’s going on here and will get a fix out – nothing you need to do on your end. It’s related to additional typing in the new release.

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The editor seems to come up fine… in case that’s helpful.
And yes it’s our workflow.

thanks @dannon and @marten !

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[24.0] Fix workflow person validation by dannon · Pull Request #17636 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub should fix it up, which we’ll get deployed soon.

If you want, as a super quick pre-deploy fix, if you edit the workflow’s “Person” record and put a plain ‘name’ attribute as well (in addition to the given/family name individual attributes), it’ll work again.

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We’ve rolled out the fix, this should work now.