Error with tool at public Galaxy server: ARGalaxy

Dear users,

I’m new at using Galaxy, colleagues have used it and showed it to me.
I wanted to start with a very small and simple data set to see if it works for me.

I have made a .fasta file from 34 NovaSeq reads and want to run it in the immune repertoire pipeline.
However it keeps coming back with the same message;
“|Sample 1 of patient EVD is not a zip file so assuming fasta/fastq, using igBLASTn|”

Is anyone experiencing this same error and what do I need to change to avoid it and get the data?
Regards, Renate LUMC Hematology

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Context (worked out in a direct email):

Galaxy Server: ARGalaxy – Erasmus MC (

Contact information is on the homepage of the server.

Contact information is listed also under at

Report the problem and they should be able to help.