Export history to file gives html instead of the history

I’m seeing the same issue this person described happening when using wget or curl to download a history, but it’s happening in my browser too:

The link to the export is here:

I’ve tried it from Firefox, Chrome, and curl. In Firefox, I clicked “Export history to file”, then clicked the link it generated. In Chrome I just pasted the link into the address bar and hit enter.

This is actually an old history I’ve already exported a long time ago, if that matters.

You can see an example file it exported here:

Update: I tried this with a different history I hadn’t already shared, and it worked.

Although it took a few minutes for it to be ready. Before it was ready, I ended up with the same kind of HTML file I’m getting from the history I mentioned above.

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Welcome, @nick & thanks for posting back what worked.

Creating a history archive takes time. The larger the history, the longer it takes. Click on the URL to get updated status. Once it is finished and ready to use, the message will state so.

Also, history archive URLs are not persistent links. The archives are kept for about 3 days server-side, then removed.

Use the History menu option “Share or Publish” to generate a persistent link to your history.

Oh, I thought that did generate a persistent link to the archive. I want to give people a persistent way to import my history into another Galaxy instance.

I guess the only way to do that is to share the link, then people can import it into their account on the same instance, then export it as a file themselves, then import it into their own instance?

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This is a very good idea for an enhancement. I don’t think it has been asked for yet but the utility is obvious. The archive would probably need to be recreated each time retrieval is requested (too large to keep as a permanent file) but it seems like a possible. Create an issue ticket at the Galaxy repository for this idea and it will be considered by the developers. They can work out the mechanics – I can think of a few ways this could be done and may comment on the ticket, and would definitely “upvote” it. If/when you do make a ticket, post it back here as another reply, to close the loop. https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/issues

Correct, that is how it works now.

You could also publish the archive itself somewhere. Your own server on the web or a public site if you have the space. That way it would be a static record of your work, exactly the same over time, and you wouldn’t need to keep the history active in your own account.

Btw – it is also a good idea to generate and keep backups of important data/work anyway, even if it is not published/shared somewhere public. Many people go one step further and not only save the archive itself but also set up a simple local Galaxy to store work in context. These can be “read-only” Galaxy instances on your own computer, a place where archives are imported and can be reviewed, but new work is not done (so no need to install data/tools).

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