FASTQ - FASTA changing output file name

Hi, I’m converting a number of sequences from FASTQ to FASTA, and previously the output has named files the same as the input, but now it’s calling them FASTQ to FASTA on data 20, so I don’t know which sample it is.
How do I change this so it keeps my unique IDs?

You can change file names manually: Edit Attributes (pencil icon) > Change name > click Save.
You can create a collection of FASTQ files and convert fastq into fasta on collection. Collections keep the original names, but more complicated to work with
You can create a small Galaxy workflow and rename output dataset using basename, so you can remove suffix corresponding to FASTQ file and add something like .fa. Search for a tutorial on Galaxy workflow for more information.
You can add tags to FASTQ files. Tags will propagate through analysis.
Hope this helps.
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