Filter data on any column using simple expressions

Hi all.
i have uploaded a file in wich I have to select the last two columns. I tried with the tool “Filter data on any column using simple expressions”, but evidently I’m missing something, because I don’t get what I want (it selects a single row).
At beginning I tried to select only one column (relatively the p value), writing c12==‘pval’ (since in the original table it is in the 12th column). Unfortunately it doesn’t work.


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Can you provide a sample record?

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It sounds like you are filtering terms in the header and expecting the entire column under that header to be returned as a result. This filter tool won’t do that.

Try using Cut instead. It allows you to choose and/or rearrange entire columns of data.

If that isn’t what you want to do, please explain a bit more and do share a small sample of your data. There are many, many ways to filter data in Galaxy.

Hi. I would like to filter a bed, score column (c5). I want to keep lines that have characters that are separated by one or more commas eg.: 1,2; 1,2,3. What expression can I use? Thanks.