Fully delete user in Galaxy

I would like to fully delete a user so I go into the admin panel and delete them, while the wording is not ideal (“delete” is more like deactivate since nothing actually gets removed…), fine, I get that they are now unable to login. Now I want to really totally nuke the account, so I purge them. Why do they still exist in the GUI as purged. They are still in the database so that email cannot be reused. Can someone explain why purging does not actually fully purge them? Is there a way to completely delete a user?

Also, if I do not create an account for someone manually, but they have a valid local user and login via PAM, why does their account then get listed as purged…

Hi @mjbludwig

The “delete” and “purge” (permanently delete) states for an account follow the same usage as most of Galaxy’s GUI functions: delete can be undeleted to active and purged cannot.

Please see the configuration option here: GDPR Compliance — Galaxy Project 22.01.1.dev0 documentation

Hi Jennaj,

I get the gdpr bits but this does not help my underlying issues.

  1. I have a user account that has been purged but I would like to reuse that email and username. As you state, a purged account cannot be reinstated which makes sense but then how can I make a new account re-using the same username and email?

  2. When an account does not exist, i.e. I have not made one in the admin panel, a user with active NIS (in my case) credentials can still login and their account seems to be created but then it only seems to exist in a “purged” state. Can I change this behavior so that the accounts are not automatically just held in this “purged” state?

Hi Morgan

Assuming you have a functional and up-to-date backup of your Galaxy PostgreSQL database, you can try and manually change the ‘galaxy_user’ table for the purged account, e.g.: change the email and username by adding a “_” to both (do not delete the line!)
Though, be very careful when manually change the database

Regards, Hans-Rudolf