Funannotate-Genmark error

When running the Funannotate tool with the option to use Genmark in the gene annotation pipeline, I get this error:
GeneMark is not installed properly on this Galaxy server.

Genmark needs to be installed manually and as it is not open source, it requires a license key (which I provided in the funannotate parameters.) I just wonder if its possible for someone to install genmark as an option for Funannotate.

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Hi @Michael_Thon

It is probably not available at a public server … and you are working at, correct? You might need to instead install this on a local server to use it. Meaning, the wrapper has a place to include the key but that isn’t supported at the public sites for some reason. This is pretty common for multi-use tool wrappers.

We can double check though, ping @wm75 for feedback.