Galaxy deployed on docker cannot load dataset and execute the job


I used the image of galaxy/galaxy-min:latest, and galaxy.yml is the default except for the administrator email configuration. Upload data selects a local file and does not specify the data type. A history record will be created after the upload is completed. After waiting for a long time, I found that the job was not executed and the status was gray. So I went to check in the docker container, and the current data was not loaded into the docker container. I checked the file paths specified by data_dir and job_working_directory in the configuration and found that they were not created in the docker container.

When I click the view data button of the file I just uploaded in the history, 404 not found is returned.

Then I tested selecting the data type and uploading the same file, but the history record also showed no response. At this time, I looked at docker logs and found the following errors.

How should I solve this problem and configure Galaxy so that I can upload the data set and execute the job.