Genome assembly and gene annotation

Dear Galaxy user,

I have a question about the tutorial of Simon Gladman:

For a genealogical research project, a company will perform DNA extraction and whole genome sequencing on teeth samples of my ancestor. The result is a FASTQ file but i need to have a file in the format as specified here:
[GRCh38.p14 - hg38 - Genome - Assembly - NCBI]

A further data analysis in terms of genome assembly and gene annotation is required. This is a complex process that i cannot perform on my own. Is there anyone who can do this analysis for me please? If so, can you please send me a quotation?

I am software engineer and maybe we can work together on this project.

Best regards,
Msc. Elim McDuff

Welcome, @ElimMcDuff

We don’t offer paid analysis services, but we can guide and help if you run into problems.

It would help to learn what the final goal is with more details. Is the intention to publish the differences between the ancestor sample and the known genome? To identify SNPs? This is what others would most likely need to incorporate the novel data into their analysis.

If yes, then these are probably the relevant methods: Maybe review to help clarify the goal?

Interesting project!!