performing my own genome resequencing. Noobie looking for general advice?

Hi everyone,

I have the raw illumina paired-end .fastq reads from a whole genome sequencing of my own genome done by a sequencing company. All the raw reads are about 50Gb in size. Would I be able to use the free site to do the FastQC assessment, adapter/read trimming, alignment to the reference genome and some basic form of variant calling using just the free site alone? I have a biology background and have some experience using computational biology tools, but I have never tried to assemble my own genome and I hope this could be a good learning experience for me. Does Galaxy have a tutorial for doing an assembly to hg19 reference genome using my own whole genome sequencing data?

Thank you so much for the help.

Hi @antomicblitz

The GTN tutorials would be a good place to start. Search with keywords like tool names and datatypes or search by domain. If you are brand new to Galaxy, running through a few introduction tutorials will be worth it. The top of each tutorial has prerequisites and “which Galaxy” types of recommendations. Galaxy Training!

The GTN will be hosting a training event using those tutorials in May that you may also be interested in. Most of the materials are already available if you want to start early following those learning paths: Smörgåsbord 2023

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Jennaj!! I will check this out.