Help with configuring google cloud storage.


I’m trying to configure objectstore of my galaxy instance on a cloud service (Google). However, I’m stuck on the creating “object_store_conf.xml” step or step 2 from the instructions below:

1. Enable Galaxy ObjectStore configuration by setting the following key on the config/galaxy.yml file (not config/galaxy.yml.sample ):object_store_config_file: config/object_store_conf.xml
2. Create the object_store_conf.xml file and set it as the following:

** ** <?xml version="1.0"?>** ** <object_store type="cloud" provider="google">** ** <auth credentials_file="THE_PATH_TO_THE_JSON_FILE_YOU_OBTAINED_FROM_GOOGLE" />** ** <bucket name="BUCKET_NAME" use_reduced_redundancy="False" />** ** <cache path="database/object_store_cache" size="1000" />** ** <extra_dir type="job_work" path="database/job_working_directory_gce"/>** ** <extra_dir type="temp" path="database/tmp_gce"/>** ** </object_store>** **

I’m not sure what “THE_PATH_TO_THE_JSON_FILE_YOU_OBTAINED_FROM_GOOGLE” is referring to or if cache path, extra_dir type requires a unique directory. Please let me know if someone can provide an example to clarify. Thanks.

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Hi @user1234,
regarding the path to the JSON file obtained from Google, it is often found in the home dir ~/.config/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json.

Regarding the first question, you can find some information about Galaxy ObjectStore in this post:

Let me know if it allows you to solve the problem.