help with locally installed Galaxy

Hi, I am new to galaxy. Just installed local galaxy in my computer and changed admin_users to myself. Yes, after login, I am able to have the admin tab. However, after I clicked on the admin, I realized that the interface of my Galaxy is different from what others showed. See below for a screen shot. It doesn’t show me the Tool Shed option and many other buttons.

What could be wrong? Thanks for help!


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Interface will generally only show you options relevant for your Galaxy. E.g. if you don’t have quotas configured, it won’t show you the UI for defining them. Similar when you have no toolshed tools installed, it will not show you ‘manage installed tools’ menu item.

You can install tools from toolshed using the ‘install or uninstall’ menu item. (However if this is the ‘dev’ branch of Galaxy, that won’t work atm, please use the latest release version of Galaxy instead -

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Hi Marten,

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I reinstalled the Galaxy 19.05 yesterday and it works fine. The previous one, which was installed automatically, is 19.09. I think it is still in development, as you said.


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