help with tutorial

hi i need help with my tutorial. the one step “Jbrowse” is not running since yesterday. i repeated the step in case i made a mistake but stil the same
please see blow history
url: Galaxy

Hi @Halima789
Your job is running now. JBrowse jobs can take some time for completion.
If you see a job queued (grey color in the history panel), just give it more time. The server might be busy, so, jobs stay in queue. Starting a new job does not help in this situation. Check if your account is not over the quota. The quota usage is shown at the top right corner (Using XX%).
Kind regards,

thank you, the problem is it has been running for 2 days now, which very unusual

I can confirm that this runs for days on (see my copy of the history - it is a little different as I have run and deleted a couple of copies of JBrowse) whereas on the job finishes in minutes (see this history).

Okay thanks. so, I should give it some time

Sorry about this, please resubmit the job and let me know if it doesn’t run properly. I have applied a config change to work around a job execution problem with this tool.

thanks will do

it did run thank you so much