Hosting Galaxy on a HPC cluster

Hi Galaxy Team,

I have installed galaxy locally on a server with 64 gb ram and have been using it for the analysis. But now we have got a study with a much larger dataset and hence I am planning to use the HPC cluster in our university. I searched the forum and the web for some help on this topic but haven’t found anything. There are Galaxy tutorials for integrating the cluster to the local instance but not on hosting the Galaxy server on the cluster. Please let me know if its doable and if so, where can I find the relevant information.


It’s possible but depends a lot on the cluster. I’ve been planning to do it at a HPC we got at my department but I’ve never gotten the time to sit down and get it approved by the admins etc.

I am not sure on how up to date the documentation is for configuring clusters (Connecting to a Cluster — Galaxy Project 22.01.dev0 documentation) but the Tutorials available were used on a Galaxy course last year Galaxy Training! (check the admin section) and worked for me.

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