How Paste tool works

Hello, I want to use the Paste tool to place a column next to other columns in my data
But the number of rows in my two files are not equal
And my file is so big that I can’t see how exactly the unequal number of rows in two files will harm my data.
It is very important to me that the columns are placed together in such a way that each row of the columns of my file is exactly in front of its own row of the column of my second file.
please guide me?

hi @maryam-gh99,
based on the description you are after Join tool. Galaxy Europe probably has several versions of Join tool, like Join two datasets, Join two files and some other. Usually these tools allow ‘fill up’ of a missing data in non-matching rows.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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Yes, I used this tool that you introduced and I got the desired result
Thank you for your guidance

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