How to access collection details?

I have built a collection of datasets which is a list of fasta files. I used the progressiveMauve to align the sequences and in the tree (.nhx), I got the sequences named ‘Seq1’, ‘Seq2’, etc… In the alignment file (.xmfa) there is information on which sequence is derived from a particular dataset. It is the UUID string. However, to decipher the original file name I need to view each ‘Dataset Detail’ to look for ‘Name’ and ‘UUID’ (and copy-paste the data). Is there a way to list/save the datasets details or collection details in a single file?

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Hi @marcinschmidt

Yes, this tool wrapper creates all the job input names from the “basename” aka UUID of the input files – and that is not the same as the name of the original file or the collection identifier as shown in the history view.

A partial solution could be to assign tags to the inputs – if you use the format #tag that will propagate to outputs. Only the input dataset(s) involved in any particular output would have their tag assigned. Galaxy Training!

For a full solution, I would suggest asking the IUC developers for a change to the tool wrapper. Maybe output a mapping file as an additional output, or modify the report itself. The issue can be opened here: Issues · galaxyproject/tools-iuc · GitHub