How to properly annotate lipids using galaxy?

Hi everyone,
We have some problems with annotating lipids using the function ‘Annotation LCMS FIAMS-Lipidmaps’. The initial data is just a column with mz, there are no problems with the file uploading and process running, but the resulting files show 0 lines. I have attached an image of the error, can someone help to point out which part is wrong?

Thanks a lot for helping!

Hi @Tiantian_Wang,
could you send an error report? You can do it with the bug icon.


Thank you for your answer, but I didn’t find the bug icon, where is it?

Hi @Tiantian_Wang,
you can find it at the bottom of the failed job.


Screenshot from 2021-03-05 16-06-12

Hi gallardoalba,

Thank you for replying. galaxy1
My data didn’t show me an error, just a blank result, so I don’t have the bug icon …


Then please, share your history with me, I’ll check it (