How to use miRanda potential target site identification

How to use miRanda tools? What is meant by microRNA and query sequence in miRanda analysis?

Welcome, @Usha22

We don’t have a Galaxy tutorial for this tool yet, but I see a guide from the original tool authors linked down in the Help section of the tool form. I would suggest starting there. Update: I just tried to assess their link … and the site didn’t load. Maybe skip this tool if that doesn’t resolve for you, too.

You can also explore alternative methods to get a better idea of how the processing flows and some scientific background on the subject by reviewing the tutorials here:

If you are completely new to Galaxy, don’t skip the Requirements listed at the top of the tutorials. At least one Introduction, plus the Quality and Mapping should be enough, and might take a few hours to complete. Taking the time for these, at the start, will make life much easier :slight_smile: