identify MiRNAs(microRNAs) in RNA seq

i want to identify and seprate miRNAs from my Transcript ID list. how should i do that? is there an way in galaxy to Do anything with MicroRNAs. and if i want to seperate and identifis those how my workflow should be .???

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Hi @amir!

Did you look through the tutorials here yet? You’ll probably want to start with the one named “Differential abundance testing of small RNAs”.

Some tools are installed at Galaxy EU (search with the keyword “mirna” or by a tool name, “mirdeep2” is an example). More are in the ToolShed for use in a local/cloud/docker Galaxy. And other public Galaxy servers host domain-specific tools – but these change constantly so I can’t point you to one place that will definitely work for whatever your data source/content is. Please see options with more details here:

Related Q&A from our archived support site, might still be a useful reference: