How to use the tool--SNP Primer Design?

How to use the tool–SNP Primer Design?

Hello @matian

Which exact tool? Try capturing the link from the upper right of the tool form under the options menu, or just the full name/version from the top of the form.

The server where you are working might also matter, so please share the URL, too.

Big picture: Help for most tools is linked down in a Help section, along with links out to the original tool author resources plus any extra help the tool wrapper author thought was important.

You’ll find tutorial links down there too, if that tool was included in one. You can review all tutorials here, and search with keywords or navigate by analysis domain to discover tools and workflows directly:

I need the tools of SNP Primer Design for KASP. Galaxy had the tools before. But I can’t find it now.

If a tool seems to be missing … I’m wondering if you were working at a specific public Galaxy server before, and are now working somewhere else? Each hosts different resources. Public Galaxy Servers

Which server is the screenshot from? URL? I don’t see the section T3 in the tool panel at the three Usegalaxy.* servers.

And, just as a guess – most tools have a Help section on the tool form. Scroll down to find that. Some tools will have a short summary of help directly on the form in that location (as well as inline in the upper section where the inputs/parameters are specified), but all could have link outs to the author resources for the tool if those exist (source, publications, possibly more such as tutorials or example use cases or input file format/content).

At the very minimum, the source of the tool is usually captured. Some of this depends on how the wrapper was written, and some authors provide more help than others.

If you can’t find any help or documentation on the tool form, that tool may not be a great choice. Meaning, you might want to consider exploring similar tools that have more context and support. GTN Variant calling tutorials can be found here and cover common how-to protocols along with scientific reasoning and workflows: Galaxy Training!

If you can share the URL of that server, we can try to help more.