I keep getting error message that I am over my quota of data

I am tryig to upload data but the job pauses and I get the message/;
Execiution of this data set’s job was paused bexcause you were over your disc quato at the time it was ready to run.

However I have NO DATA currently stored. Since I was getting this message I deleted all my histories and if I go to the data list, all the files are marked as deleted. This is very frustrating.

Welcome, @flaxdna !

Where to review all of the data in your account

  • User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard

How to interpret the data states

  • Data in a deleted state can still be recovered to an active state, and still counts toward your account’s quota calculation.
  • Data in a permanently deleted (purged) state cannot be recovered, and does not count toward quota.

Then, once your data has been purged, go back to the top level and use the Refresh button. Most servers will fully remove and reset the quota usage in 24 hrs or less.

Please give that a try and let us know if helps! :slight_smile: