Input metadata for fractionated MS runs - metaproteomics

I am using X!Tandem to search high resolution MS data using the tutorial on metaproteomics. These samples were labeled with TMT 10-plex. The samples were also fractionated by pH resulting in 8 fractions. While I could input the modifications for the isobaric labels in the advanced search options before generating the parameters file, I did not see an option to input metadata of my samples i.e. which label corresponds to a specific condition and also fraction information so that the search engine can compile the result table accordingly.

Is there a way to upload metadata in txt or csv format before starting the X! tandem search?


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Hello @prao123,

Hello @prao123,

Hello @prao123,

If your data was TMT 10-plex labeled, we would suggest that you use Maxquant within Galaxy for your searches. Currently, most of the analytical tools available within Galaxy are for label-free analysis - with Maxquant being the best option available.

The other option could be to use Open-MS tools, but we have not used them as much.

If you would like to discuss your project - please send an email to me so that we can suggest some tools for metaproteomics analysis.