IS the galaxy server down

I have been trying to access my galaxy page, but it times out and gives the following error:

Galaxy could not be reached

You are seeing this message because a request to Galaxy timed out or was refused. This may be a temporary issue which could be resolved by retrying the operation you were performing. If you receive this message repeatedly or for an extended amount of time, please check for additional information on the Galaxy status page or the @galaxyproject Twitter feed. If the issue is not addressed on those sources, you may report it to the support team at with details on what you were trying to do and the URL in the address bar.

Hi @Nikita_Jhaveri1

All three of the primary usegalaxy.* servers were down for different short time windows, but all are up as of now.

Next time, please include this information wherever you are asking the question. Each server is administered independently, and the URL is needed to confirm or help.