Job errors at Galaxy Main - status and updates

When trying to upload fastq.gz files, using the “Chose local file” upload option, upload halts mid progress and returns the error message, “Warning: Internal server error 500”. I’ve had previous success uploading this file type (and even these same files) as recently as yesterday. If it is an issue on Galaxy’s end, is there a way to track server issues to know when they are fixed? If there are no server issues currently affecting Galaxy, what could be the nature of this uploading error? I do not think the files are corrupted. Any insight is appreciated; thanks!

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Hi @tonypartridge30!

The server is undergoing some technical changes this morning. These can impact many functions (somewhat unpredictably). Work is still in progress. We’ll write back with an update once stabilized.

Meanwhile, you might want to try to upload the data again, it might work.

Thanks for reporting the problem and sorry for the inconvenience!

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The issues at Galaxy Main are now clarified in a posted description at the usegalaxy.* server’s status page:

Please follow there for ongoing updates.