Job fail in one element of the list stops the whole pipelin

Dear everyone!

I am currently analysing the output of a PE sequencing of 96 samples. I have uploaded the reads and included them into a list to use the tools more efficiently. I am running a workflow using snippy, snippy core, Clustal and so. My problem is that 4/96 snippy jobs failed due to memory allocation problems and that interrupted the whole workflow. Even if I delete the failed runs, the output list is marked in red and cant resume the workflow.
My question is: Is there a way for me to run the failed snippy jobs and include the output in the list of the successful ones in order to continue with my workflow?
I have thought of downloading the successful runs output, running the failed ones again, download these outputs and then after re uploading everything again make a new list but my problem is that the snippy output and the bam files are 54Gb each, way too heavy for me to do.
I really appreciate your assistance on this :slight_smile: