Job submission errors with large collections

I am working with collections of 2000-3000 files and trying to run MAFFT and/or dist.seqs on them but the submission keeps failing. I have done that with similar smaller collections (~200 files) and it worked well, but with the larger collections the submission takes forever to process and eventually ends with a “job submission fail” error. Is there a limit to the number of files allowed for job submission ? If not, is there a way to make this work without having to divide the collections into smaller ones and run them one by one ?

Hi Julian,

is this a red window that pops up with this error message? Or do you see the error elsewhere?
There should not be a limit in job submission, but maybe your browser just times out?
Are you logged-in as a user?


Hi Bjoern,
It’s a red window that pops up with the message (it really just says “Job submission fail” and below just repeats the options i chose for the job), and yes I’m logged-in as a user.
How could I know if the problem is that my browser times out ?
Thank you for your help

Can you please try to catch me on then we can debug this together.


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