jobs are not running or currently running for a long time


I wonder why my jobs is still running for some topics up to a long time (5 days). I know that trimmomatic doesn’t need much CPU and memory, so do you know why this is the case?

thanks for your help !

Hi @berger_juliette

Are these jobs queued (gray) or executing (yellow)? understanding-job-statuses

  • A single trimmomatic job that has been queued for five days is probably Ok.
  • A single trimmomatic job that has been executing for five days would be unusual.

Jobs run after any upstream jobs complete (inputs for the tool are ready to use) and as public shared resources appropriate for the tool become available. Some of your jobs run, then some of other people’s jobs run, then more of yours, repeat. Using workflows can significantly speed things up.

If that doesn’t help, would you please confirm the public server URL? The server is up: You could also share some screenshots. The top of the Dataset Information page ( :information_source: icon within any dataset) has some timestamps. The history with expanded datasets (inputs + outputs) can also be informative.