Trim Galore running for days?

I started trim galore on my data (collection of 72 files) a few days ago, and it’s stuck. 26 files have been processed and 1 has been “running” for more than 3 days…
how can I stop this? or skip this file and continue to the next one?

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Hi @krisslou

It sounds like your jobs are processing. Leaving your jobs queued is likely the best advice. You are working at a cluster that runs everyone’s jobs. Some of your jobs run, some of other people’s jobs run, more of yours, repeat.

I’m not sure what you mean by this:

You can delete jobs if you don’t want them anymore. But if you delete them before they create inputs needed for a downstream tool, then you won’t have that input available anymore.

More help below. You can also click on this tag for prior Q&A queued-gray-datasets

How jobs work →

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


is it normal that it’s stuck on the same file for a week?
the other files were processed a week ago.

Hi @krisslou

You are working at, correct? I can check the administration details at the server. Do you want to share the history? I’ll need to see the technical details for this. How to → FAQ: Sharing your History

You can post that link back here. Once we are done you can unshare.