Keep getting "This is a new dataset and not all of its data are available yet" for all plots and pretreatments I used.

Keep getting “This is a new dataset and not all of its data are available yet” for all plots I used (histogram, Spectra plot) and pretreatments. how can i fix this?

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Hi @lem, you see this when the input dataset is not yet available - for instance, when it hasn’t uploaded yet, or is the output of another job which is still running. The input will turn green when it is ready.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I will keep waiting again. Thanks.

FAQ: Datasets and how jobs execute

Still waiting for the download after 1 and a half days still the message “This is a new data set and all its data is not yet available” I doubt that the plotting of a histogram takes as long.

No improvement after leaving turned 1 day and a half

There is probably some other issue then. Are you running the tool locally or a public instance of Galaxy? If you try to recreate the input dataset and plot again again, do you see the same thing?

I’m getting the same message as lem for all my jobs in the queue. So far after at least two hours none of my jobs have run. Is this normal?

For all that are experiencing delayed jobs:

Where and how you are using Galaxy matters when diagnosing the root problem and appropriate solutions. When posting about a problem (delay, error, unexpected result), please include:

  1. URL if a public Galaxy server; explain source/version/other deployment factors, if running your own.
  2. Tool that seems to be stalled or problematic. Copy/paste back the full tool name from the top of the tool wrapper form. The version is important.


Finally the problem came from an error in my file due to a bad conversion of the .xls file to .tab. Using the .csv format and then converting it to .tab I was able to process my data. Thank you all.

My queued jobs finally ran. I tried again today (24 hrs later) with fresh data uploads and the jobs ran immediately. However I got a slurmstead error for the uploaded data, I’m going to start a new thread to describe.