Kraken2 report and alpha diversity

Hello, I am having great difficulty reporting on alpha diversity for kraken2 results! In Galaxy there is no option for Kraken tools and there is no option to generate OTU tables from your results, which would make it possible to analyze alpha diversity using other programs. Does anybody know how to solve this? What is the best path to follow, that is, how to analyze alpha diversity from kkraken2 results?vvvv

Hi @Hugo_Valerio_Correa

Please consider working at Metagenomics - Galaxy Community Hub. You’ll find the full suite of available metagenomics tools that have been wrapped for Galaxy hosted there. Those include format conversion tools.

If you already have an account at, that same account will be your account at, too. If you need to move data between other servers, that can be copied over by dataset URLs pasted into the Upload tool and/or see #transfer-entire-histories-from-one-galaxy-server-to-another

I really appreciate your information. As I have little time in metagenomic analysis, I did not know this metagenomic branch of galaxy europe. Thanks!