LEfSe input won't let me choose class row


I have a problem importing my data to use LEfSe. The file is a tab separated txt file.
It won’t let me choose a class row. There is nothing popping up if I click the balk with ‘Choose an option’. Is this an error or do I have to prep my file in a different way?

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Which Galaxy are you using? The LEfSe seems only support Python 2.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m using the online tool. The file was prepped in R, exported to excel, and then saved as tab delimited txt file.

The example file given at the online tool does work, however. Also if I copy paste in into excel and safe it as tab delimited txt file, so this does not seem to be the problem.

Hi everyone,
I am also using the online tool of Lefse and coming across the same issue. I have the input as an excel file and saved it as a text (tab delimited file), and still coming across the same problem. I cannot access the class or sub-class.

Please help with this issue.

Thank you