Local Galaxy: I have 300 gb missing


I have galaxy installed in my computer. Today I was doing some analysis and all the files disappear from galaxy. I checked in my drive and I have 300 gb missing (the size of the galaxy instance). I checked in the admin if maybe I made a mistake and sign in with a different account but it is not the case. Im not sure how to recover the files or at least how to delete it to get back the 300 gb.


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Is it possible that you accidentally permanently deleted (purged) the data? Data that has been purged is not recoverable, even by an administrator.

Purging data would not remove the entire Galaxy instance itself – but that doesn’t seem to be the problem if you are still able to log in.

You were working with a cloud Galaxy server before (Cloudman). Now you state that you are working with a locally installed Galaxy server with local storage.

Please describe more about your server’s configuration. We may be able to help.