Long run time for RNA Star jobs

I started two RNA Star jobs yesterday and it has been almost 24 hours since I started the jobs and they are still showing as waiting to run. It has been a little while since I used Galaxy for data analysis but I did not experience this type of wait times previously. Is this normal or is there a way to submit these jobs where they would run faster.

Hi @mjgage

The UseGalaxy.org server has been very busy. The best strategy is to queued jobs then let them complete.

We did have a small cluster issue last week but the associated backlog is mostly resolved by now. There isn’t an update as of now, but if something comes up in the next few days we’ll keep posting here: Fastp not running: Confirmed job delays at UseGalaxy.org 09/23/2022. Solution: allow queued jobs to process - #2 by jennaj

The UseGalaxy.eu server has also been busy, as are most others with public access.

Everyone has equal priority when working at public Galaxy servers. Some wait time is expected, but more so for computationally expensive tools that run on our largest cluster nodes. Jobs queue, then process in the order submitted as shared resources become available appropriate for the tool. Using workflows can significantly speed things up.

All known Galaxy server options are covered here: Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub. It is common for people to set up one account at several public sites to maximize their access to the different resources available (storage, computational). Others decide to set up a private server for institutional, lab, or personal work where they can control the resources – and this can include attaching local cluster resources, cloud resources, etc.