MAGenTA Not Available?

I recently came across the article " MAGenTA: a Galaxy implemented tool for complete Tn-Seq analysis and data visualization" which says the tool MAGenTA is available in the Galaxy PublicToolShed, but I can’t seem to find it. Is this available and I somehow missed it, or does it still need to be uploaded for my area (Utah, USA)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The article can be found at: MAGenTA: a Galaxy implemented tool for complete Tn-Seq analysis and data visualization - PMC

I can find them, how are you looking for the tools?

From the MaGenTA manual:

If you have never used Galaxy or our tools before, an easy tutorial on how to set Galaxy up can be found here, how to
upload files is described here, and our custom tools for data pre-processing and the traditional Tn-Seq fitness analysis
(caluclate fitness and aggregate fitness) can all be found and installed through the Galaxy toolshed. You can find them
by searching for their names in the toolshed. Tool IDs and the repositories in which they are located are also listed.
• Enhanced Bowtie Mapper (id: bowtie_mapper, repository: enhanced_bowtie_mapper)
• FASTQ Collapser (id: fastq collapser, repository: fastq_collapser)
• Calculate Fitness (id: calc_fitness, repository: calculate_fitness)
• Aggregate (id: aggregate, repository: aggregate_fitness)
• Region Fitness (id: regionFitness, repository: regionfitness)
• Single Fitness (id: singleFitness, repository: singlefitness)
• Data Overview (id: dataOverview, repository: dataoverview)
• Compare Regions (id: compRegions, repository: compregions)
• Compare Genes (id: compGenes, repository: compgenes)

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