Mapping WMA job waiting for days

Hi, I am currently trying to map illumina single-end reads onto a large reference file with WMA but this job has been waiting for 3 days to complete. I have done the same procedure recently with the other illumina reads single-end file and it took some hours to complete.

Is there some instability in the platform? Also I have been unable to do other jobs such as sorting BAM results because of lack of memory – don’t know if correlated.

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Hi, I am also trying to map illumina single-end reads with Bowtie2 but this job is waiting to run for two days.

I thought I was the problem for Galaxy

It has been a week now, with no developments.
I am not sure if the platform is still running?

Now the job has been running since 3 days.
Same job with another dataset some 10 days ago took about 5 hours to complete.

Other two, simpler jobs, got paused and I cannot unpause them.

Definitely, there is something wrong with the platform.

I switched to the platform and it is definitely fine, the platforms are probably varying, differentiating them on the continent.
See you soon

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