Megablast jobs have been running for 21 days now

Hello, I’ve been using Galaxy to help a professor at my college for about 2 years now. Recently I’ve started a few megablast jobs, and they are still running now, near a month later. They aren’t particularly large files, I think I might have tried to run larger files through megablast before in fact. So I was wondering if there is some error that I don’t know about? Should I continue waiting, or try to restart the jobs? Thank you for any help.

I am also just a user so can’t help you on the galaxy part. But if you blast against the nt database of genbank for example you can expect really long waiting times. This database is growing and growing and it’s slowly becoming impossible to blast a large batch of reads against it. If you know what you are looking for I suggest to make a blast database of your own. So if you know its bacterial, only blast against sequences coming from bacteria. Or if it a certain marker, only blast against those sequences.