Missing a tool (phyml) in an imported workflow.

Hi, when I run an imported workflow, it gives me this output: Following tools missing: toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repos/iuc/phyml/phyml/3.3.20190909. A user in Europe created the workflow and I am using usegalaxy.org.

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Hi @rinku2711

If possible, consider running the workflow at the same server it was developed. This might be where the workflow link was shared from (?)

Or, you can use the tool at either UseGalaxy.eu or UseGalaxy.org.au.

UseGalaxy.org does not have this tool installed (yet). I’ve asked our tool development team to review. Please follow the issue ticket for updates Install phyml 3.3.20190909 · Issue #570 · galaxyproject/usegalaxy-tools · GitHub