MSMetaEnhancer can't reach services if running on

The MSMetaEnhancer tool can’t reach webservices like PubChem and IDSM when running on An example history is available here: Galaxy

The tool passes but the logfile - dataset 3 - contains the information that the service is not available. This is not observed on other galaxy instances - does somehow regulate outgoing HTTP requests?

Other computations which don’t require access to web services are working fine, see the datasets 4 and 5 in the shared history.

The tool id is

Hi @hechth

Those look to me like the term given in the input metadata wasn’t matched at the external site. What am I missing? Maybe screenshot out the parts I should pay attention to?

And, this query works other places? Other public servers? Or just on other private servers?

And 2, let’s ask the EU people what they think. Maybe @wm75 can help?

Hi Jenna, yes, the same dataset and query work on other servers - sorry I should have attached a history from those as well - see the history here:

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I’m reviewing your other history :slight_smile: thanks for posting it!!

As a guess, this is probably a tool configuration issue. We can open a ticket once I’m done and this is confirmed. The cross-check example at another server adds great context for the fix up.

Hi @hechth

Yes, I see that the EU server is reporting this, and it is impacting the attribute discovery rates.

→ ServiceNotAvailable - PubChem: inchi → isomeric_smiles:
Service PubChem not available.

I’ved ticketed the issue here → Dependency issue: msmetaenhancer · Issue #1143 · usegalaxy-eu/infrastructure-playbook · GitHub

The EU team will probably write back here once resolved, or feel free to follow the ticket.

Thanks for the extra followup :slight_smile: