Nanopolish running

I want to use Nanopolish for the variant calling, but I am struggling because it requires the fast5.tar or fast5.tar.gz for running. Only the fast5 files are available after my sequencing run in MiION Mk1c.
How can I get either of these fast5 formats?
Any relevant information will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Thuy_Nguyen

What does the Upload tool “autodetect” for the datatype at the EU server?

You also might be able to redetect the datatype (pencil icon) but not sure. You could try that way first, then re-Upload just one of the files with the auto method and compare.

Hi @jennaj
Thank you for your sharing.
I have tried, but both ways did not return the format that I expected.

Hi @Thuy_Nguyen

Are you certain that those files are not already archives? You could explore those data command line before loading into Galaxy. Then, if they are actually tar, and somehow lost that extension upstream, just assign that datatype during Upload.

Others reading are welcome to post more help.