Nanopore data assembly with CANU



I’m trying to run an assembly on Nanopore raw reads (fastq) with the Canu 1.7.1 assembler. I tried on different servers, with my data and with public nanopore data from EMBL-EBI. I’m getting an error message from the tool every time : “Fatal error: Exit code 1 ()”.

Can someone tell me if the tool works or if it’s coming from me.

Thank you

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Hi - Not sure if you worked the usage out or not yet, but I just tested the tool with some sample data from the tool author and everything processed fine at Galaxy EU

Shared history:

Expand the history annotation to see where I got the datasets and example command-line options. For the test jobs, I mapped over the command-line options to the tool form options without any other changes.

Hope that helps!